Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group

2023 Events

11th January 2023 - New Year Reception at the Palace of Westminster. 6:00-7.30pm. Special Guest Transport Minister Richard Holden MP. Members and guests only.

9th March - Group AGM 11:30am Palace of Westminster, followed by a visit to a Hertfordshire classic vehicle museum.

21st June - Group meeting at the House of Commons. 14.30. Members only.

June/July - Visit to a Historic Vehicles Auction. Details TBA

17th October - Annual Dinner. Westminster. Invited guests only.

25th October - Group meeting at the House of Commons. 14.00. Members only.

Nov/Dec - Visit to a Historic Vehicles Auction. Details TBA



The All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group has held their 2023 New Year reception at the House of Commons.

The event was attended by numerous MPs and Peers. Others amongst the 40 guests included Roger and Emma Dudding of the Studio 434 Classic Car Collection and representatives of numerous classic and historic vehicle clubs.

The Guest of honour was the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Richard Holden MP who spoke at the event and said that the government regarded historic vehicles as a special case and owners had nothing to fear from the future.

Group Chair, Sir Greg Knight MP thanked the Minister for attending and wished all the guests a Happy New Year “with plenty of classic motoring”.

Pictured at the Historic Vehicles Reception are, from left to right, Sir Greg Knight MP, Emma and Roger Dudding and Transport Minister Richard Holden MP.


The All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles group has visited London Electric Cars, (LEC) to see first-hand how some classics are being converted to electric power.

They were given a tour of the facility by Matthew Quitter of LEC who showed the group an Austin Healey and a Bentley T1, both in the process of being converted to electric traction and saw for themselves a Morris Minor saloon which had already been converted.

‘The group left with divided opinions’ conceded group chair, Sir Greg Knight MP, ‘with some members of the group applauding the process, and others saying it was sacrilege’.

Sir Greg said that he would certainly prefer to see a classic vehicle being converted to electric if the alternative was that it was to be scrapped, but if it is a choice between originality and a classic car having an electric motor, I would go for the original every time’.

Pictured during the Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group visit to London Electric Cars are, left to right, Guy Wilner and Matthew Quitter of LEC, Sir Christopher Chope MP, Mark Tami MP, John Cryer MP and Sir Greg Knight MP.


On the 2nd July 2018 the Group organised a Classic Car Run from Bicester Heritage to Westminster followed by a dinner. After the run the cars were displayed in Speaker's Court at the House of Commons where the Group's Chair, Sir Greg Knight, showed the Prime Minister Theresa May around the assembled vehicles.